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Why do I want to enter to the Faculty of Computer Engineering ?

Because I want to learn about hardware, programming and security systems. Personally, I like the computer as well. therefore chose to study at the Faculty of Engineering majoring computer.

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Why I make an Electronic Portfolio ?

Because it reduces the paper that needs to be printed. Showing the true ability, because they have a lot of hired to do Portfolio. Can store a lot of information and work, and can easily edit it.

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What is my goal in life?

My goals are endless. I will always search for new knowledge. Because today’s technology is developing very fast and knowledge is endless.

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Think about yourself in the next 10 years, what are you doing, what are you enjoying, and what are you worried about?

In 10 years, I’ll be turning to 28, thinking I’m working in a global tech company. Enjoy programming. As for what to worry about? No worries anything, because if I do our best and it doesn’t meet our expectations I’m still proud of myself for doing my best.

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What do you think of today’s internet security systems? How comprehensive and reliable and suggestions for people who use the Internet on social media?

I think that the security system on the Internet is the ability of programmers or administrators that they should be trusted or not. Have knowledge or ability? As you can see, most people don’t care much about security. I would like to advise people who use the Internet on social media to be wary messages please check before click it.

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What is the most important perspective of being an engineer?

In my opinion, the Faculty of Engineer train us to think, analyze and solve problems in a systematic way. Everything is logic.

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